Gavin Newsom says No on 8.

Mayor Gavin Newsom rallied San Francisco State students to vote against propositions banning same-sex marriages and the right to a teenager’s private abortion.

Students filled more than half of San Francisco State University’s Malcolm X Plaza with many gay and lesbian students present. Newsom urged college students to vote in the November election.

Banning same-sex marriages is related to Proposition 8 while Proposition 4 revokes a teenager’s right to a private abortion.

Newson spoke for 20 minutes on Thursday, September 18 at 12:30 p.m.

The Mayor of San Francisco speaking to enthusiastic SFSU students.

Welcome to the digital age: Text and get the election info.

The Stand says it all.

Newsom swarmed by his supporters and followers.

I show my support for the cause.

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