Project: Asian Stereotypes.

Last Semester, my friend Amanda asked me to be in her Asian Studies project. Her goal was to show two sides: the assimilated Asian American and the stereotypes that endure. I was hesitant at first, but I agreed to do because it sounded like fun. I portrayed all the stereotypes and I’m glad I did it because the pictures are hilarious. Sorry I couldn’t post the assimilated pictures, but these would suffice.

1. The Tourist.

2. The Gangster.

3. The Nerd.

4. The Immigrant.

5. The Emasculated Male.

6. The Model Student.

7. The Fighter.

8. The Solitary Gamer.

9. The Passive Male.

10. The Community Worker.


One Response to Project: Asian Stereotypes.

  1. jai says:

    i absolutely love this photos! they’re totally perfect. manda-a did a great job photographing you yet again (and you managed to embody each of the stereotypes quite well!).

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