10 Things You Need…In Your Closet.

I found this cool advice on a style msn’s lifestyle page. It’s very interesting and informative. But for a 20-something college student like myself, I believe I could tweak some information to fit my lifestyle (many are noted within the parenthesis). Enjoy, and I hope it’s informative for the modern gentlemen.

  1. White Oxford Button Down Shirt
  2. Lightweight Cashmere Sweater
  3. Sunglasses
  4. A Pair of Dark Jeans
  5. One Set of Cedar Shoe Trees (not really, why not say a versatile jacket)
  6. White T-Shirts (I prefer Black T-Shirts)
  7. Black Lace-Up Shoes
  8. Overnight Bag
  9. Three-Button Navy Suit
  10. Medium Width Tie

Here’s the original website:

10 things in your closet


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