My Style Profile.

My Personal Style:

  • Simple, classy, casual, conservative, laid-back, form-fitting and model-esque with neutral colors and the occasional vibrancy of colors
  • nautical, mod, beatnik, GQ
  • Plain and Simple, yet dynamic and striking


  • Black/Purple/Blue/Grey/White/Brown


  • Black Shoes (Casual, Matches everything)
  • Shades (Black Sunglasses or Eyeglasses)
  • Sideburns (trimmed or long)
  • Bangs
  • Fitted Jeans (Straight and Long, Tailored, Boot-cut)
  • Plain Black Tees (fitted, short in sleeves, not too long at the waist, gives a jolt of cool)
  • Polos (sleeves hugging biceps, the body should fit snugly around torso)

Role Models:

  • Gene Kelly (American style, non-bourgeoisie, dancer of an anatomy, classic)
  • Audrey Hepburn (classy and classic, elegant, sexy when not overt, effortless)

Style Icons (with Style Films)

  • Brad Pitt: Fight Club/ Ocean’s 12
  • Cary Grant: To Catch a Thief
  • Gene Kelly: An American in Paris
  • James Dean: Rebel without a Cause/East of Eden
  • Peter O’ Toole: How to Steal a Million/Lawrence of Arabia
  • Rudolph Valentino: The Sheik
  • Jude Law: Alfie/The Talented Mr. Ripley
  • Daniel Craig: Casino Royale

Quotes to live by:

  • “Style is about fit, proportion, and subtle details that will stand the test of time.” -GQ
  • “I don’t follow fashion so much as I try to find clothes that make me look good.”-Muhammad Ali
  • “Hubert de Givenchy was very chic, but didn’t like to show off.”
  • “Why on Earth do we wear the same color socks? The amount of time we spent matching them, it’s absurd!” -David Hockney

Georgio Armani Quotes

  • It’s important to dress in a way that sends the right message but also looks effortless and natural.
  • An air of mystery is a very sensual thing. Why reveal to the entire world what is yet to be unwrapped?
  • Sexy is not a matter of age, it’s a matter of attitude.
  • If you’re a man lost for style, find a role male model.
  • I went to the cinema constantly captivated by the glamorous men that I saw. You can learn how to be smooth by watching a man like that.

Michael Kors Quotes

  • What works for men is mixing something rugged with something indulgent.
  • A tan makes you feel skinnier, just like wearing dark clothes does.


  • The one thing I notice  about fashion on men? Hair.
  • What should every man should own? Levis pants, black tee, a good jacket
  • What’s your personal motto? WWGKW?: What Would Gene Kelly Wear?
  • Look up to any athletes for style? Tom Brady, Cristiano Reynaldo, David Beckham
  • What are your favorite stores? Ben Sherman, H&M, A/X, Target, , Levis, 21
  • Any Fashion advice? tailoring helps, posture counts, even if you’re short (look at Gene Kelly). You can be fixed up, no matter what. Balance and tone is a priority. Keep it simple and form-fitting, and it’ll look effortless and natural.

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