Audrey, I Love You!

Like many satoralists and cinephiles, I’ve been a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn since I first saw that iconic image of her standing outside Tiffany’s in a black skinny dress eating a pastry. She has become my ideal in beauty, style, femininity, and humanitarian. And here are the reasons why I love her:

  1. Her style is reflective of mine. She keeps it simple, elegant, and effortless. I strive to imitate her style within my gender limitations. For example, she would only wear a pair of khakis with a simple polo.
  2. Her legacy has been idealized in the fashion industry as the classic beauty. Her imperfections made her beautiful (I.e. big feet, long neck, small chest), and yet the world still fell in love with her.
  3. When I began watching old Hollywood films, I turned to some Audrey films. After a year, I’m proud to say I own 19 Audrey films. Here’s a list of my favorite Audrey films:
  • Funny Face (paired with Fred Astaire as a shy librarian swept away by the European fashion industry)
  • Roman Holiday (her first film as a princess escaping the royal life with Gregory Peck)
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s (her iconic role with George Peppard as the chic extroverted waif from Manhattan)
  • Charade (paired with Cary Grant in this Hitchcockian-inspired mystery thriller)
  • Two for the Road (paired with Albert Finney as they present the ups and downs of a romantic, yet sometimes rocky marriage)

Bonus: One of my favorite art pieces, it cost $90. it was worth every dollar.

Playing down below is my favorite commercial featuring Audrey:

So, now do you love Audrey?

One Response to Audrey, I Love You!

  1. patty says:

    hey we favor the same Audrey movies! 😀 I love Audrey too!

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