They’re Back!: Gossip Girls and Heroes.

The new fall season has begun and my favorite shows are back, more invigorated than their previous incarnations. So much good stuff with a lot of spoilers. If you’re not a fan, this might all sound like jargon, but i’ll do my best to relate.


Gossip Girl started 4 weeks ago, but the season really started once school commenced. The first three episodes have slightly focused on Dan and Serena possibly getting back together after their tumultuous break-up last season. This episode would have given us answers if they did hookup again. Thankfully, they don’t and it’s a battle of the exes. Dan and Serena are interesting characters when they are not together, so the episode good juicy characterization. Serena’s stepbrother, Chuck Bass, meddles in Serena’s affair by using Dan’s new girl to permanently break them up and bring prominence to the former party girl/queen of the school. But Chuck’s motives are entirely selfish as he wants Blair dethroned leaving her with nothing, possibly turning to Chuck Bass for condolence.

But Blair has her own set of problems when she finds out that her suitor, the Lord, is having an affair with his stepmother, the Duchess. The Duchess is also having an affair with Blair’s former boyfriend, Nate, and blackmailing Nate with the secret of revealing where his dad is hiding. Nate’s future rests upon the meddling of the Duchess, Blair, and his current love interest, Vanessa. Vanessa turns to Blair, but changes her mind and tells the Baron the whole twisted affair.

So what’s next? Well, Rufus and Lily might be back together, Jenny’s finds refugee in her internship over the vicious clique that humiliated her last season, and it’s an all out battle royale between Serena and Blair for the title of Queen of the school during next week‘s fashion show episode. Best episode of Season 2.…for now.


Heroes has returned, and after a disappointing second season, the third season proves to start off with shocks, surprises, and revelations.

Last season, the virus was ceased prompting the future version of Peter to shoot his brother, Nathan, to prevent their superhuman-kind from being hunted. Nathan is resurrected by Lindermann (Malcolm McDowell), but only appears to Nathan as a delusion. Their mother, Angela, reveals her power to see the future and takes command of the company while informing that she might be the mother of Sylar. Sylar fights with Elle leaving him electrified while he previously battled Claire and takes her power. Claire has a shock of her own revealing that she can never die.

Other moments have Ali Larter resurfacing as a new persona, Tracy Strauss, with new ice powers while Mohinder and Maya have an intimate moment. Mohinder still is the brains of the show by tamperng with Maya’s genes showing that any ordinary human can obtain powers. Mohinder experiments on himself and gains heightened powers that may lead to diaster in the future. And finally Hiro has a new mission that may result with his best friend, Ando, killing Hiro in the future.

What does the future hold? More character and plot development by teasing that the more sinister “super powered” characters have escaped  the company and the older generation may have created a dangerous formula. Any weak points? Yeah, Daphne, Hiro’s speedster nemesis. She’s already annoying.


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