You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow.

Desperate Housewives premiered with its premiere episode of the fifth season. While I loved the past couple of season, I felt more could have happened in the first episode since it sets the big mystery. Last season had the show jump 5 years in the future (I.e. Lost, One Tree Hill) and we had a view of all the women looking different. Bree is a successful writer/cook, Lynette has trouble with her now-teenaged sons, Gaby is a mess with two fat daughters, and Susan has a new man. Edie comes back in a leopard-skin bathing suit while washing her car (the slut is back!) She receives with a new husband, who sets up the big mystery as he’s out for revenge in Wisteria Lane. In the opener, the audience is tricked to believing Mike is dead, but instead they killed the people in the other car. Gaby is frumpy and dirty. I miss the fashionista, but it seems she will be back in shape in the middle of the season. While Desperate Housewives is nowhere near the Gossip Girl or Heroes, I will continue watching the show to watch my  favorite suburban maidens.


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