Another re-re-release?

Recently I redesigned my room. And as I was streamlining, I noticed that I needed to have my ultimate movie collection displayed. I’ve bought movies practically every week because of my cinephilic tendencies. For the past 2 year, my collection has culminated in over 300 movies. It would be overwhelming to have all my movies in my room, so I opted to take one stand (fits 120 movies) and choose the best, the favorites, and the most entertaining. I chose my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies (Charade, Roman Holiday, Funny Face), my favorite musicals (Gigi, Cover Girl, An American in Paris), the greatest movies of all time (West Side Story, City of God, The Departed), my Hitchcock collection (Strangers on a Train, To Catch a Thief, Rope), pre-1970 movies (Rebel Without a Cause, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Bringing up Baby), good contemporary movies (the Talented Mr. Ripley, Howl‘s Moving Castle, Persepolis), my favorite comedies (40-Year-Old Virgin, She’s the Man, the Devil Wears Prada), nostalgic childhood movies (Indiana Jones,  Aladdin, A Chipmunk Adventure), and TV shows (Gossip Girl, Saved by the Bell, X-men Evolution, Sailor Moon, Buffy, Friends, Family Guy). If someone wanted to look at my psyche or just wanted to watch really good movies, then I’d point to them to this collection.

Also, I added my absolutes on top: movies that are considered my favorite movies of all time. I put Paris I Love You, When I Knew, Sleeping Beauty, and Notorious. And with that sense of completion, I discovered that a few companies are releasing Notorious and Sleeping Beauty next month. What? I spent a lot of agonizing time searching for these movie to find out that they are doing the 4th release. I applaud these companies for releasing these films so new people can find the beauty of the cinematic experience, but it feels like a cheat for film “freaks” out there who searched forever and spent a lot of money.

I can understand Notorious because it is a rare film. Notorious was released 4 years ago on the Criterion collection and is now out of print. I bought mine for $60 at Amoeba in Haight-Ashbury. It was worth the buy, but I will still buy the new release because of the special features along with Spellbound and Rebecca. I had no qualms buying the new releases of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny Face, and To Catch a Thief a few years back because the restoration and special features qualified for the second buy.

But Sleeping Beauty? No Thanks. I don’t agree because they have that Disney Vault every few years. They pick a film, release it, and put in the vault forever until they re-release the same film in seven years. Nothing is ever special except for the fact that they include crappy features of Disney Stars butchering classic songs (remember Raven Simone singing Under the Sea for the Little Mermaid). The quality will be about the same so the restoration is trivial. I should stop focusing on this, and contemplate on the films I recently bought and still need to watch. I’ll watch Purple Noon and Flower Drum Song, so until next time.


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