Le Voyage Dans La Lunes.

Last semester in Film History class, I watched one of the most endearing films of the 20th century for a second time: A Trip to the Moon. A Trip to the Moon is a silent 1902 film made by French director George Melies. It’s a very short film (only 14 minutes long), but its qualities can only be described as whimsical magic. It is probably the first science fiction film ever made, so contemporary moviegoers will see the film as outdated with its method of traveling (firing a rocket aiming at the moon), an animated moon and its bizarre creatures, and its unconventional narrative (many shots are repeated or do not mesh). Nonetheless, its cinema’s first vision of a rocket ship landing on the moon. It would be over 60 years until we actually landed on the moon. To provide some visuals, I found the movie on Youtube. Enjoy. =)


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