The Perfect Halloween Costume.

It’s October, so it’s time for Halloween. It’s the best excuse for a person to dress up like a whore or act completely different (when they’re not or wish they were). And for some reason, I can’t stop thinking what I want to be for Halloween. Every year, I choose something that reflects my personality. It has to be something classy, regal, and with a sense of charm. And I will admit, sometimes dirty. My first Halloween costume in kindergarten was a magician. Couple of years later, I was the phantom of the opera, and for some odd reason, I was a ninja for two years. When I got into the college years, I was Clark Kent in 2004, Gambit in 2005, and a sophisticated whore in 2006 (oxymoron, I know).

This year, I have a few options. Whatever the case may be, I must have a lollipop in my hand. I wanted to be valiant Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, but found it almost difficult to find the perfect pieces. I wanted to be a sailor like Gene Kelly in On the Town, except with a big lollipop. I thought about it, and then I had an epiphany of the perfect costume. It would still be classy, regal, and charming with a naughty interpretation. I wanted to be a British schoolboy with a big circular lollipop. I have half of the costume, so it’s already in motion. And lastly I plan to watch as many British movies or British actors to imitate the accent.  I will post pictures up when Halloween arrives. I can hardly contain myself.

And Here It Is:


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