Nick and Nora’s “Not So” Infinite Playlist.

Last night, I watched Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. And as I left the theater, I critiqued the film as “okay.” You know what I mean when people respond with okay. Okay as in: average, sub-par, expectations were not met. The movie was good, but not great. Why? The movie lacked synergy. I am biased because I was expecting a movie chronicling a comedic night of funny misadventures and debauchery of a pair of teenagers in New York with a musical soundtrack that defined a generation, the indie rock generation. I craved for this generation’s American Graffiti.

I was disappointed. The acting was flat by the two leads, Michael Cera and Kat Dennings, as they seemed awkward in their roles. Nonetheless, they were adorable in a few scenes together. Michael Cera, the lead actor, plays the same role he did in Superbad and in Juno: the awkward virgin-like teenager with the clever one-liners. It was not appealing the third time around. The supporting cast lends itself well as Michael Cera’s queercore bandmates (Aaron Yoo, Rafi Gavron, Jonathan B. Wright), Dennings’ drunken friend (Ari Graynor), and Cera’s former flame (Alexis Dziena) in a few fun scenes of the film: the drunken friend ends up at the train station and a gay show, Cera’s band mates as three gay guys attempting to hook up the pair, and a special appearance by John Cho revealing the band Fluffy as the macguffin plot. The final scene was satisfying as Nick and Nora obviously end up together at the train station as the sun rose up, but I expected more out of their infinite playlist. At least I felt like my $10 dollars was not wasted.

My movie rating: 6/10


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