Romeo + Juliet Screening at Midnite for Maniacs

As the symbol of 90s teen angst, Claire Danes weeps for Leonardo Dicaprio and ends her life with the silver dagger. As the end of the Romeo + Juliet, The theater people applauded thunderously, 15 minutes shy of midnight. We commemorated a movie that defined the legacy of the 1990s: Hawaiian t-shirts, Claire Danes, cross dressing ravers, the Cardigans, the dirty sands of Venice Beach. Romeo + Juliet epitomizes the 1990s, ironically. And who could forget the first passionate meeting of the star-crossed lovers at the masquerade ball. Nothing beats watching an old favorite movie on the big screen.

For a triple feature showing of 1990s cult classics, The Castro Theater knows how to entertain. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Romeo  +  Juliet, and Starship Troopers are rarities of the decade, yet people cling to these movies as if it was Casablanca. It was an enjoyable experience that made the 10-year-old kid inside of me giddy. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s seductive role in Cruel Intentions was a treat as the theater showcased the movie’s trailer. And to top it off, I won a prize for answering the tough question. Who else was considered for Juliet? Many contenders, but I named the alluring Natalie Portman, and won the slasher horror flick, the Faculty, on VHS. It’s more appealing than poetry from Pauly Shore, the other grand prize. Oh, many woes of the experimental 90s.


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