Gimmie Me Shelter, Please.

For the past 6 months, I’ve been searching a really good gay-oriented movie about coming out. I’ve found a few duds, except for the exceptional documentary When I Knew. But I found a movie called Shelter that re-ignites my interest yet again. A young artist, Zach (Trevor Wright), is stuck in his surfing hometown, where he needs to take care of his irresponsible sister’s son. Zach’s best friend’s gay brother, Shaun (Brad Rowe), returns home and begin a passionate affair that Zach discovers what‘s missing in his life. Zach struggles with his newly founded emotions for Shaun while dealing with his family affairs and future. They bond, fight, and grow to love each other. The pros for this “coming of age” tale is that the characters aren’t stereotypical at all with a exceptional plot line. The cons for some people could be that it plays like an overextended episode of the O.C., but again it shows a different perspective of coming out. I have no problem with that issue There are no raging dance songs, slutty hookups, gratuitous nudity, or stereotypical gay characters. Just a simple endearing story of a young man coming out and dealing with his homophobic surroundings around the beaches of Southern California.

My Rating: 10/10

check it out on Amazon: Shelter

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