The “Playlist” is Progessively Gay.

I generally though Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist was “okay” with a so-so plot direction. But one of the most intriguing parts of the movie that I barely touched upon in my movie review was the characterizations of Michael Cera’s bandmates. The bandmates are gay as they comprise a queer core music group, but they are given three-dimensional characterization. Why so? Well, they play authentic characters of the 2008 reality bordering between hipster and geek. A diversity of gay guys that range from the foreign hunky blonde to the indie-rock Asian. But most of all, they’re real that live fulfilled lives. By fulfilled, I define them as characters that don’t pine over the straight lead as the stereotypical sidekicks. They don’t constantly follow the lead characters. They instead find a girl to help the lead get over the “slut.” But most of all, they are confident, fun, and diverse. They are progressive in every sense for the modern LGBT community. Plus, they’re all very cute.

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