Prop 8: We’ll Survive…

It’s only been a day, and I know for every lesbian, gay, and person of difference that we are saddened by the passing of California’s Proposition 8. Fifty-Two Percent voted for Prop 8 meaning that they banned same-sex marriages! But there is hope with the constant protests and outrage. It doesn’t derail my future plans. Why?  Here’s a short story. The night of the election I told my mother that “I’m never going to get married!” She replied that I didn’t need to. Huh. I felt some relief over me. That same night, my friend told me just to move to Canada, and I said “Hell No” because I’d move to England. Hot British Guys. I’ll find my Ben Barnes/Ed Westwick man there. Haha. So I’m sad about Prop 8, but I’ll [we’ll] survive.

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