October Comic Reviews

It’s the middle of November, and I’m deeply sorry I couldn’t post the October comic book reviews any sooner. A lot has happened. Besides the festering “home” workload of deadlines, the busyness of Starbucks, and the complicated family life, America has just elected the first African American president while eliminating same-sex marriage rights under an economic depression. Many ups and downs. At least gas is absurdly cheap. Anyhoo, here are 10 magnificent comics that sparked my interest under these ever changing times.

Magneto: Testament 2: After an impressive first issue, writer Greg Pak still delivers a fantastic second issue. The hardships a young magneto goes through is heartbreaking from the racial conflict of Max’s enemies, the Nazis. Its realistic portrayal is a bonus as actual dates are presented. Good art with a sympathetic portrayal of a future villain. 5/5

Ultimate Origins 5: After finally finishing the series, the last issue leaves the series with a whimper. The readers are given a lackluster prologue to the main event for next month, Ultimatum. Nick Fury’s arc was a letdown as nothing really happened while the present timeline had no real substance. But the watcher’s dialogue and Magneto’s harrowing monologue to Xavier were nice touches. But the ending? Really? Rick Jones is now a catalyst for the main event?! 2/5

Ultimate Spiderman Annual 3: What a great issue. I don’t follow Brian Michael Bendis’ main series in Ultimate Spiderman, but this issue proves that the series is accessible to newcomers. Confronting a controversial topic of sex, Bendis humanizes the relationship between the teenagers, Peter Parker and Mary Jane. The side plot is a vastly update of Mysterio. Good villain reintroduction, fun romp. 5/5

Uncanny X-Men 503: After a 500th milestone, Uncanny X-Men proves to be an entertaining ride that has the classic lineup with great Greg Land art. Dazzler is back into the fold, Empath wrecks havoc on the streets of San Francisco, and the New Mutants have a small reunion. But the best news? Madelyne Pryor, Scott’s first dead wife, is back. And not only is she back, but she’s gathering a new group of villains, the Sisterhood. Can’t wait to see what’s coming. 4/5

Civil War: House of M 2: After an issue of recapping useless events, the second issue does a lot better in exploring the House of M world. Xavier is more integrated in Magneto’s affairs while Polaris, Quicksilver, and Wanda are central to the plot. Interesting to see where the series goes. 3/5

Captain America: Theater of War 1: Besides the long title, the one-shot issue evokes some old-school Captain America. Evoking the badass personality of World War II while fighting off robotic Nazis is pretty indulgent. 4/5

Secret Invasion 7: After 7 issues, I can’t wait for the series to end. The decompressed issues could have happened in 4 issues because the series lost its momentum and its epic atmosphere. Anyways, the penultimate issue is mostly filler with a big fight. The banter ruins the seriousness of the battle with a useless appearance from the Watcher, but at least the Spiderwoman skrull is defeated while the Wasp is used as a secret weapon against the heroes. 3/5

X-Force 8: not as great as the previous issue, but at least it’s peaking my interest. The art, again, is amazing as the lines are clean, the characters are “ridiculously good-looking,” and an ever involving cast of characters that now includes the sarcastic Domino. But what’s the point of distancing Warpath and Wolfsbane? 3/5

X-Men Legacy 217/ Wolverine: Origins 29: Instead of reviewing the issues separately, I decided to combine because it’s under the “Original Sin” story arc. What’s most appealing is the detail of shoving new information into continuity that makes sense. Xavier brainwashing Wolverine with new memories makes absolute sense as Wolverine was too much of a liability. It doesn’t sacrifice the original X-Men stories of the 1970s. The story is only enriched. And again, such great art from Mike Deodato! So hype-realistic. 4/5

X-Men: Manifest Destiny 2: I have no idea why I bought this comic. There’s no appeal for me. The series presents short stories of different X-Men members transitioning into San Francisco. With this issue, Iceman hits the deep end with Mystique, Juggernaut decides to be a villain again, and Emma Frost sulks why she is still an X-Men. The Juggernaut story was the best, but not by far because Emma Frost was out of character while Iceman is spiraling into a weird characterization. 2/5


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  1. jai says:

    yay on the reviews! i’m going to have to check them all out, which is really exciting. nice to see that there are still some good comics out there..

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