Elizabeth Taylor’s Heartfelt Sentiments

Here’s an inspiring quote from one of the greatest gay icons/gay rights activist for almost 60 years, Elizabeth Taylor. Taken from the January 2007 issue of Interview Magazine, she speaks about her love for the LGBT community and the fight against AIDS, which took the life of her “Giant” costar Rock Hudson. Heartfelt, indeed.

“I didn’t know what was going on with Rock, but I knew what was going on in the rest of the world. The artistic world seemed to be more devastatingly hit than other worlds, perhaps because there were more gay people there. If it weren’t for homosexuals there would be no culture. We can trace that back thousands of years. So many of the great musicians, the great painters were homosexuals. Without their input it would be an entirely different, flat world. To see their heritage, what they had given to the world, desecrated with people saying, ‘Oh, AIDS is probably what they deserve” or “It’s probably God’s way of weeding the dreadful people out,” made me so irate. The idea that God would choose his children [to suffer] – his geniuses to whom he had given the talent to make it a different, more beautiful place for us mere mortals – made me so angry. I felt the unjustness of it, that nobody was doing anything, right here in the so-called center of our culture of motion pictures. It is pretty sad.”

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