Atonement: Widescreen or Fullscreen?

Black Friday passed, and boy did it hit. Apparently, our shopping habits is already helping the economy. The hype was definitely rampant with so many advertisements bombarding the casual consumer. I partially partook in the festivities by going to Target at 2 p.m. Not too hardcore, but at least I did something. Which brings me to by current dilemma.

Target was pretty chaotic. The DVDs were scattered with some sold out, the customers were running amok, and the employees seemed like their heads were going to explode. I went to Target for one purpose: DVDs. I already knew which DVDs I was going to buy so it was easy. I bought 27 Dresses and Hairspray for $5.95 each. And I found Atonement for $4. But after I bought the DVD, I found out it was $13. What the hell happened?  I found out the fullscreen version was $4 while the widescreen version was $13. I wanted the movie at a reasonable price but I didn’t want the movie to lose it’s value. Atonement should be seen in widescreen. No question. The movie loses its momentum if half the picture was cut, especially the battle scenes and the shocking revelations. Film buffs know that Fullscreen is the devil’s tool because it ultimately damages the director’s vision of the entire landscape. Director Martin Scorese even commented on Turn Classic Movie Channel that the chariot race in Ben-Hur, the crowd scene in Gigi, and the desert landscape in Lawrence of Arabia function fully for the audience under the 1:33:1 ratio. Fullscreen is for the television audience and the cinematic disabled. So as much as I wanted the film, I returned it because I would be angry whenever the longshots on the beach of Normandy appear.

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