5 Reasons Why You Should Love Cary Grant.

Besides the undeniable charm, his suaveness, his multifaceted personality characters, the actresses he paired with, the clothes, the virile charms, and the mannerism of a true gentleman. The older he got, the better looked. And for anyone who doesn’t see it, here’s five recommendations that showcase the great Cary Grant.

1. Notorious (1946): Cary Grant starred in four Alfred Hitchcock movies, yet Notorious stands as one of the duo’s finest. Grant plays one of the heroes, yet he is a cold-hearted man. The sympathetic bastard. The man who watches as his love, Ingrid Bergman prostitutes herself to the Nazis. He allows this only to retrieve information on uranium. And with this main feature, the love triangle is essential that demonstrates Cary Grant’s dark side.

Legendary Pairing: Ingrid Bergman

Bringing Up Baby (1938): A true gem of screwball comedies, Cary Grant showcases his slapstick abilities as he plays the clumsy, paleontologist who needs to find a missing bone,  but is derailed by a lovelorn heiress (Katharine Hepburn). Madcap pranks ensue that both actors feed off their wits.

Legendary Pairing: Katharine Hepburn

3. His Girl Friday (1940):
Who would want to work and bicker with Cary Grant? Rosalind Russell, of course. With the fastest talking dialogue in any movie, Grant is the newspaper magnet while Russell is his ace reporter. Grant loves her and intends to keep his best reporter, no matter what. Grant provides a masculine, intimidating and funny role to these classic gem.

Legendary Pairing: Rosalind Russell

4. To Catch A Thief (1955): Wrongfully accused of a burglary, Grant plays a former thief who needs to find the culprit. But how can he with Grace Kelly as a distraction. Beautifully set in the French Rivera, the pair provides witty innuendos and one of the classiest romances of the 1950s.

Legendary Pairing: Grace Kelly

5. Charade (1963):
One of his final movies, Cary Grant pairs with Audrey Hepburn only once. Where does his allegiance lie? The side of the angels or the villains? Hepburn runs away and while Grant chases the mysterious and deadly offering. Their lives are at stakes, yet their on-screen chemistry brings the movie alive. Grant is debonair and suave with gray hair.

Legendary Pairing: Audrey Hepburn


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