Neil Patrick Harris Shows Pride!

Actor Neil Patrick Harris, one of the most down-to-earth actors in the entertainment business, talked to OUT Magazine a while back that speaks volumes of his experiences and the LGBT community. Personally, I love Neil Patrick Harris. He has a cool, calming demeanor and he’s publicly out doing Broadway musicals and still playing a womanizer in How I Met Your Mother. In essence, he’s comfortable in his own skin. No more Doogie Howser!

Here’s the excerpt:
OUT: Do you remember the first person you saw that you related to as a gay man?

NPH: The first face that empowered me was Danny Roberts from The Real World: New Orleans. I think before him I’d never seen anyone wear [homosexuality] so comfortably. He was around my age. I could look to him as a role model — if you could say that, even though he was on a reality show. He represented a way that I could behave and stand tall comfortably without being an overt advocate and without being someone hiding in the shadows. I liked that.


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