The Search For The Perfect Coat Is Over.

I have relentlessly searching for the perfect winter coat, and at last, my search is over. I went to Downtown San Francisco this week do a little Christmas shopping. As usual, I did not buy anything for anyone. I instead found a top coat. There were sales in Ben Sherman, the Gap, Forever 21, and H&M, but its never the right coat. It is an absolute must that the coat is in no question the perfect coat for you. Forever 21 had coats that looked tacky and with materials that was questionable. H&M had reasonable items, yet the sleeves were too long and the double-breast look (as much as I love them) make me look like a circus midget. The Gap was very close, but again, the sleeves and the bottom lining were far beyond the knees that I’d look like a boy trying out his father’s clothes. Ben Sherman was very close, but the price was beyond my limit. I could donate $300 to a charity. But I found the perfect coat at Armani Exchange with the perfect price, the perfect fit, and with the perfect material.

The top coat is black with a classic, metropolitan feel and it had a zipper and buttons giving the coat a futuristic chic vibe that Armani Exchange can only do. Looking slim, the shoulders were not bulky at all, the coat slightly went below the knee, the pockets were positioned above the waist for great posing, and the sleeves were trimmed to fit . Basically…yes…. the perfect fit. Originally costing $195, the 25% sale on all outer coats reduced the price to $150. A steal? Yes, indeed. Now here’s a few pictures that inspired me to buy the coat. Joshua Jackson showing how to wear a coat in the November issue of GQ Magazine.

And here’s their tips for finding that perfect coat right from the source, the GQ link:

A successful winter business wardrobe starts with your topcoat. And whether you opt for cashmere or tweed, single-breasted or double, it’s all about the fit.

before you purchase yours…

1. When you go to buy a topcoat, make sure you wear a suit jacket. The coat should fit comfortably over your jacket, but not too comfortably—the aim is to achieve a tailored appearance, like Mr. Jackson here. So if you wear a size 42 suit, try on a size 42 topcoat. Only if it’s noticeably too snug should you size up.

2. And don’t forget about length. The coat should hit just above the knee, as the ones in this story do. If it runs to mid-shin, you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing a bathrobe.

3. So you now own the perfect-fitting topcoat. Get some use out of it. Don’t wear it with just your business suits but with jeans and a sweater, too. It makes as much sense on a weekend night as on a weekday morning.

The optional tips (provided with pictures)

Camel: A modern take on a blue-blood classic. Keep it trim and slim for a younger vibe.

Tweed: Now being made in a lighter, more pliable weave. Built more for the city than for the bramble.

Military Style: Not for the button-down businessman, but for the man who demands a shot of attitude in his workwear.

Black Cashmere: Luxury worth every dollar. And as appropriate with a tux as with a business suit.

Chesterfield: Nothing provides you with a dash of British flair better than this velvet-collared classic.

Double-Breasted: A DB is a lot of coat. Make sure you buy a formfitting one. It shouldn’t overwhelm you.


One Response to The Search For The Perfect Coat Is Over.

  1. jai says:

    those are awesome photos of josh jackson — amazing to see how he’s grown up. the coats are also quite lovely.

    speaking of coats, when do i get to see yours?!

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