Scarves, Winter’s Best Asset.

Every winter, one of the must-haves is a scarf. And like any item, there are many ways to wear a scarf. Here are a few I chalked up from Men’s magazines. They’re very useful.

From the winter edition of the Men’s Book San Francisco:

1. Look: The Hipster
Knot: To appear as if you don’t care- about anything- wrap the scarf around your neck a few times. Toss one end behind your back, allowing the other to dangle up front. Finish with coffee stains.

2. Look: Classicist
Knot: This decades-old knot still seems cool and classy. Fold the scarf in half and wrap around your neck like a gym towel. Put the loose ends through the hole and cinch.

3. Look: The Preppie
Knot: If you wear a tie at work, this is easy. Tie the scarf like a necktie, but at the final stage, don’t pull the loose end through the knot. Fan it out until it’s flat and covers the small end.

4. Look: The Gentry
Knot: Don’t mess up this soft weasel fur. Slightly overlapping ends are that’s necessary to survive October in the Avenues- or your next trip to Moscow.

And from, here’s some other ways to tie a scarf from Fashion Correspondent Michael A. Lubarksy:

Parisian Knot: The most sought-after knot is also one of the most universal. Here’s how to tie a scarf in a Parisian knot: Take the scarf in both hands and fold it over lengthwise;  drape it around your neck; insert the loose ends through the loop hanging in front of you and pull them through. You can play with the tautness of the knot and the thickness of the scarf by doubling the scarf lengthwise, if you wish. This knot almost always looks best on a short leather jacket with a notch collar left down. On a very cold day, you can tuck the scarf into the jacket and pull the zipper up.

Once-Around Knot: The once-around knot is your entry-level knot for all those brisk days when you need a little extra comfort but don’t want to go with complete arctic readiness. Most men will use this knot for a quick commute to work or an evening out with a striking blazer. The point of this knot is casual warmth. To learn how to tie a scarf in a once-around knot, drape the scarf around your neck allowing one end to be longer than the other. Take the long end and bring it around your neck and let it fall over your chest. If you have a long neck, overlap the scarf in back just a bit so that most of your neck between the jacket and the base of your skull is covered.

Loose Once Around Knot: The loose once-around knot is more about fashion and having the scarf with you “just in case.” Pair the scarf with a duffle coat or any hooded snorkel coat for a rakish look of adventurism. When it comes to knowing how to tie a scarf in a loose once-around knot, the same rules apply as the regular once-around knot: Drape it loosely as though you haven’t the time to finish the job right.

Twice-Around Knot: The twice-around knot challenges the Parisian as your go-to knot on those cold days. In fact, if you like the Parisian knot, you might change up your look with the twice-around just for fun without sacrificing warmth. Unlike the Parisian, however, you’ll require less of a collar on your jacket because this knot takes up a lot of room. Here’s how to tie a scarf in a twice-around knot: Begin as you would with the once-around with both ends hanging in front of you, but make sure one is significantly longer than the other. Take the much longer end and circle it around your neck twice; do this without making the knot too tight. Getting the lengths of the ends to match up or come out relatively close will take a bit of practice, but a knot like this will make all the difference on a cold day. This one is perfect for a banded or Mandarin-style collars on a short leather jacket and is easily tucked into the jacket for extra warmth.


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