Reinvigorating the Ipod!

This Christmas, I got two $15 Itunes gift cards. This was exactly what I needed since I eagerly wanted to get a few new songs and be completely repeating the songs in my car. And now I’m bombarded by great songs with similar themes: Madonna/ABBA, Audrey Hepburn movies/musicals, Gossip Girl, and Kylie Minogue. Yeah, I know. That’s a little, y’know…

  • Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor: One of my favorite albums of all time. Like Britney’s Blackout, every song is consistently solid. The transition between songs are seamless and may be considered Madonna’s comeback album and the best work she‘s ever produced.
  • Funny Face Movie Soundtrack: My favorite musical. I wanted to sing “Funny Face” like Fred Astaire and sing “Bojour Paris.”
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s Movie Soundtrack: I’ve desperately been searching for the “Loose Caboose” song. And now that I’ve found it, I could listen to the rest of this jazzy album of this classic movie.

Misc. Songs:

  • Gossip Girl: I found The Republic Tigers’ “Fight Song” and Matthew Dear’s “Send You Back.” I really wanted Send You Back because it was the first song that introduced the sinister Chuck Bass.
  • Kylie Minogue: I can’t forget about Kylie. She’s up there as a reigning pop queen with Madonna, Britney, and Lady Gaga. I chose “Speakerphone,” “Red-Blooded Woman,” “Nu-Di-Ty,” and “Come Into My World.”
  • Gigi Movie Soundtrack: Downloaded some great songs like Thank Heaven for Little Girls” and  “The Gossip Song.”

As a side note: One of my closest friends is offering me a copy of two movie musical soundtracks: Mamma Mia and Moulin Rouge. Sweet!


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