Here’s To 2009!

2009‘s officially here! And I hope it turns out to be a year of goodies. And like every year,  there’s the perquisite new year’s resolutions. In past years, I’ve kicked the soda habit and toned my body successfully. Other years, I’ve bizarrely drank 8 glasses of milk per day to get taller. Yeah, delusional. But this year, here’s a simple list that’s achievable:

  1. Continue the workout plan.
  2. Go to Castro more often, particularly the Café and the Lookout.
  3. Produce the highest quality work for the school magazine.
  4. Rid the Comic Habit (I need to).
  5. Finish Memoirs.
  6. Go on a San Francisco Tour.
  7. Update this blog as much as I can.
  8. Watch more movies by doing more movie nights and midnight showings.
  9. Finish watching the rest of the Audrey DVDS (only 6-7 more).
  10. Get Some…

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