Prince Caspian Rolls On…

I’ve had The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for a while now (or what I like to call it, Narnia 2). And I’ve been excited to watch it because of the continuing storyline and the introduction of Ben Barnes. But after watching it for the first time, I’m disappointed. The first film was fantastic because the characters were interesting with a good plot and some twists.  It was friendly to newcomers. Narnia 2 isn’t so forgiving as it centers around a war. I was confused during the first 30 minutes.

Granted I’m not a fan of fantasy movies, but the plot was convoluted and took over two and half hours to get to the point.  The movie is darker with more killing, but with better special effects and beautiful Mediterranean locations. My interest only piqued whenever Ben Barnes showed up and the return of a villain, but quickly faded as the pointless war is dragged on. I lost interest somewhere during the battle scenes. It’s for the fans of the previous film and the fantasy cinephiles.  I also can’t take the movie title seriously. Try telling someone you are watching the Narnia sequel. Don’t expect a serious face like I did.

My Rating: C


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