Sky Doll Lacks The Awe.

SkyDoll is a French graphic novel from Soleil Publishing that has gotten high acclaim for its gorgeous vibrant art and surreal depiction of politics, religion, and sexuality. Writer Alessandro Barbucci and Artist Barbara Canepa bring a fresh original story to Marvel Comics Publishing. But in the end, I wasn’t captivated by any of it. The plot goes as this: a female android called Sky Dolls are restricted to human rights as they serve the government. But one sky doll, Noa, escapes her cruel master, meets two missionaries, and soon discovers her unrevealed past might be more than just robotic. The ideas seems to be a winning formula as its like the sister version of Blade Runner. But what ultimately kept my interest waning was the art. The art might work for some viewers, but it was too cartoony for any serious depth. And the plot was a bit messy as everything was compressed into three issues. But again, kudos for Marvel and  Soleil for bringing an unusual story that most comic fans would never have heard about.

My Rating: C+


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