Dominic Cooper Dresses Nice!

Now a couple of months ago I noticed GQ Magazine in their Fall ’08 issue showcased rising star Dominic Cooper in impeccable attire. While I was watching Mamma Mia! the Movie, I kept of thinking of this photoshoot. And looking back at it, I remember why: great modeling posing in fantastic clothing with good style tips. Here’s hoping Mr. Cooper does more fantastic work. Now as a reference, I’m copying Cooper’s “weekend topcoat” look cause it’s damn nice. Here’s the rest of the GQ article for anyone inspired to look fantastic.

Want to be the best-dressed man in the room this year? Follow our annual Fall Preview and don’t abandon the classics—reconceive them. Dress down that three-piece suit, dress up a leather jacket, and turn your blue jeans black. You’ll look as elegantly roguish as British actor Dominic Cooper.

A Cooler Cardigan
Yes, you’re man enough to sport a cardigan. Especially a thick, chunky one. Wear it with jeans and a skinny tie—and no one will mistake you for Gramps.

Slim Black Jeans
Here’s why you need a pair: They not only allow you to look a little bit rock (and c’mon, who doesn’t like to rock?); they also strike a dressy note, perfect for a trim white dress shirt and a pair of lace-ups.

The Perfect Peacoat

No sailor jokes, please. Think of a tailored peacoat as a shorter-cut alternative to a topcoat. Just don’t wear it over a suit (the jacket will peek out beneath the peacoat).

Tweed, Reconceived
Okay, we’ll say it again: A tweed sports jacket is cool. Essential, even. Keep it on the trim side and dress it down with jeans.

Boots with a Suit
How do you make a suit look not so…suity? Wear boots. But the right kind of boots. Not hiking, not construction. More like a cross between dress shoes and military boots. Plenty of labels now make them.

The Modern Leather Jacket
Black leather doesn’t have to equal tough guy. Pair a fitted leather jacket with suit pants and dress shoes for an entirely new evening look.

A Sportier Dress Shirt
When in doubt, wear white with your suit. When feeling confident, pull on a plaid sport shirt for a vibe that’s far more amped up.

The Weekend Topcoat
If you don’t own a knee-length topcoat, buy one. But don’t just wear it during the workweek. Break it out when you’re off the clock, too, with a sweatshirt or a V-neck and jeans or khakis.

The Easy Three-Piece
What’s great about the new breed of three-piece suits is you can dress them down as easily as up. Lose the tie, ditch the wingtips, and get to know a brand-new modern classic.

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