Marvel Illustrates The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray is a classic. The story of a young man who practically sells his soul for immortal beauty, he goes a downward slope to his damnation. With the most original concept of beauty and pure hedonism, the main philosophy seems to be to resist material pleasures and that beauty is skin deep. I was excited to hear that Marvel Illustrated brought Wilde’s Victorian tale to life. With fantastic and subdued art, the appearance of Dorian Gray and his supporting characters were effortlessly flawless. But while the concepts and philosophies were the high points, the adaptation from literary novel to graphic novel was a letdown. The story seemed rush with many of the supporting characters underused, including their story arcs. The last page was of course a shocker. It was an interesting read that will prepare me for next year’s big screen adaptation with Ben Barnes as the title character. Again, interesting but may not right for this particular medium.

My Rating: B-

Here’s some pictures from The Picture of Dorian Gray with Ben Barnes, due next fall:


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