A Pretty Good Ride With The Darjeeling Limited.

“We were on a spiritual journey, but that didn’t pan out.”

A couple of nights ago, I watched Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited with my sister. It was onDemand and I expected to see Natalie Portman in it, but unfortunately she was on, for like, 2 seconds. Although, I am happy Wes Anderson did not disappoint because it was an entertaining movie about three dysfunctional brothers (Owen Wilson, Jason Schartzman, Adrien Brody) on a search for their mother in India. The Darjeeling Limited provided sarcastic wit from each of the three players against the backdrop of a spiritual journey. Also, the music was fantastic as it blended alternative “indie-rock-esque” beats with Indian traditional sounds. There are many cameos such as Bill Murrary’s ironic take or Angelica Huston’s sentimental cameo. This is the second movie ( Rushmore’s the first) that I’ve seen from Wes Anderson and his praise is well-deserved. Pretty good romp.

“How can a train be lost. It’s on rails.”

And after watching The Darjeeling Limited, I watched Hotel Chavalier. It was a short prologue piece to the main film starring Natalie Portman and Jason Schartzman. Natalie Portman is charismatic as usual while Schwartzman was awkwardly funny and realistic. For a movie that’s only 14 minutes, it’s portrayal of two former lovers is bittersweet even with their last confrontation. It’s tragic, but tender. A lot of camera panning for an enclosed setting and this film is known for Portman’s first nude scene even though it was just her butt. A good complimentary piece to The Darjeeling Limited.

My Rating: B+


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