Nip/Tuck Finally Returns!

Television returned after the holiday break. And…..yeah. Desperate Housewives was okay (as in average) while Gossip Girl lacked its juiciness (but still punched with a killer soundtrack). But the main hype was Nip/Tuck after returning from a year-long “Writer’s Strike” hiatus. This season will have 8 new episodes while the creators announced that Nip/Tuck will air two final seasons, completing the series with 100 episodes. That means 19 more episodes combined in January 2010 and 2011.

But how does the second part of season 5 hold up? The first ten minutes were mindblowingly gripping as the viewer sees Sean’s former manager/current stalker, Colleen Rose, revisit her insane rampage as the tension grew with Sean’s daughter’s life on the line. There was great music from Mark Ronson and an old 70s song that pretty much personified the whole damn scene: backstabber. The next 45 minutes forwarded to 4 months with Sean in a wheelchair, Christian reported to have breast cancer, and still no appearance by Julia or Kimber. Much of the episodes was lackluster as the episode resolved everything from last season’s cliffhanger. Even the sex scenes, which are usually trippy, were mundane and shockless. But the previews seems promising for what’s ahead like a young Indian doctor performing surgery on his father’s penis, Christian and Liz hooking up, or Kimber’s lack of parental skills. The first 10 minutes were the crème de la crème and even makes up for a slow finishing.

My Rating: B-

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