My Metallic Triangle.

About a week ago, my sister was experimenting with my camera and took a really good shot of my necklace. Now, back when I started this blog in September, I did a post on my style essentials. I wanted to show a good image of my necklace, but the flash was bothering me and I did not know how to work the lighting at the time. The necklace means a lot to me because I can show my pride and it’s rare (I bought it at the SF Pride Parade ‘08). So, yes, I love my necklace. And, I wear it everyday.

Here’s a excerpt from the style essentials post on the triangle and its meaning:

A symbol of immense pride, I wear this necklace everyday to show my pride and my identity. Dating back to the atrocities of  World War II, Hitler branded homosexuals as inferior beings incapable of reproduction. He marked almost 63,000 people with the pink inverted triangle. Pink was a sign of femininity and weakness while the inverted  triangle demonstrated the social hierarchy of the Third Reiche, which homosexuals belonged in the bottom. For almost 30 years, the gay community lived in oppression until the LGBT movement of the 1970s revived that dark symbol. We should be proud and not hide anything.


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