An Unfortunate Mishap With Broke-Ass Stuart.

So I had an experience on the BART this morning. I brought Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide To Living Cheaply In San Francisco as I wanted to review it. The purpose of the book speaks for itself. I was almost done reading it, until I fell asleep and left the book. Very sad as I got involved in the book. But I had an epiphany. I left this fantastic book on the San Francisco BART, and someday a person will find the book and discover the wonders of San Francisco. The real and cheap wonders of San Francisco. So I did a good deed, but here’s a partial review for people who are interested.


Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide To Living Cheaply In San Francisco is enlightening as it provided a tongue-in-cheek “fuck it” wit. Broke-Ass Stuart has become an icon or even a myth and this book helps cement his legend. It’s very sarcastic, yet informative on the cheapest places to go in the city. I read the introduction where Stuart writes his love for San Francisco and the About Me section where we read how the book got processed. I was mostly interested on the sections focused on the Castro, San Francisco downtown, the Tenderloin/the Civic Center, Haight-Ashbury, and the Mission. He mentions wonderful places that you could go to even at three in the morning, like the Mission’s Chicken Wings restaurant. This book is a must have if you’re broke and living in San Francisco. It’s great.

My Rating: A


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