Bride Wars Wasn’t Bad At All.

I watched Bride Wars last night. And I’ve been reading the reviews as being really negative: film critic Mark Kermode said “that if this film was not in his list of 10 worst films of 2009, he would quit film criticism” and some user on the Internet Movie Database website said it was “completely chauvinistic and set feminism two steps backwards.” What? Really? It wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t expecting an Oscar winning movie like Milk, but I was just looking for a fun comedy like 27 Dresses or the House Bunny. It’s average because it really just a chick flick comedy about weddings. Simple plot: crazy bitches discover that their weddings are on the same day, and a war goes between them. I found their humor and crazy antics were hilarious while Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway did fantastic jobs at being naturally funny. It also helps that the four guys in the film, including the grooms, are hot. Again, not a Oscar movie, but it serves its purpose: light-hearted entertainment.

My Rating: C+


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