Do You Want That “Brando” Look? provided an irresistible  take on a style legend: Marlon Brando. There’s no way anyone can disagree that Mr. Brando did not change the landscape of style or cinema completely. Who could forget his iconic look in the Wild One with his rebellious leather jacket or his animalistic “a la Method acting” performance in A Streetcar named Desire with only his white tee. His single appearance in the Godfather and Apocalypse Now only highlighted the greatness of his film into “classic territory.” So I was happy that gave him a noteworthy profile. But I was irritated by the comments down below almost revoking his legendary iconography in style and cinema. What’s wrong with simplicity? I think someone needs to re-check their wardrobe if they’re disagreeing with Mr. Marlon Brando. I do feel bad that I didn’t include one of Brando’s films on the stylish films (particularly A Streetcar Named Desire), but it comes a close top 8.

Here’s the profile on Mr. Marlon Brando on


Why He’s A Style Icon

Lauded by many in the movie industry as Hollywood’s original rebel, Marlon Brando played by his own rules, both on-screen and in his personal life. His appearance in 1953’s The Wild One helped solidify his bad-boy image, and his strikingly good looks coupled with his ability to mesmerize audiences with his performance quickly gained him notoriety as a sex symbol. Soon, teenagers everywhere wanted to dress like Marlon Brando, talk like him and imitate his brooding mannerisms.

A trailblazer when it came to both acting and style, Brando shared a commonality with many style icons: he wasn’t afraid to venture into unfamiliar territory, even wearing jeans to movie premieres despite this wardrobe choice being heavily frowned upon at the time. In fact, in just a few short years, the magnetic star popularized motorbike paraphernalia as a way to dress defiantly and had inspired an entire generation to take a stance against the establishment. Altogether, Marlon Brando’s tough-guy look came to epitomize the social upheaval that began in 1950s America, securing the silver-screen legend a place in the style icon hall of fame for all time.

Dress The Brando Way

With the resurgence of interest in anything retro and a particular nostalgia for the ’50s, Marlon Brando’s anti-hero biker look remains as cool today as it was in his heyday. You probably already have many components that will help you achieve Brando’s style in your closet, so you won’t have to invest in much to get this hell-raising look just right. You’ll need to start with some fitted jeans, but not the skinny ones that seem glued on — remember, you’re going for suggestively sexy, not painfully skin-tight. Try shopping at Levi’s or investigating other old-school brands to find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve secured your denim, roll up the bottoms a good few inches to create a cuff. On top, you’ll need a plentiful supply of white tank tops and muscle-bearing T-shirts. A black leather jacket is your cover-up of choice, and the more punky silver hardware, the better. Accessorize your modern-day outlaw look with leather gloves, dark, round sunglasses, an oversized aviator hat, and of course, a motorcycle. Complete Marlon Brando’s anti-authoritarian style with a pair of clunky and ruggedly masculine leather boots, that will only get better with time. You’re now licensed to be a full-on maverick; just remember not to leave your devil-may-care attitude behind.


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