The Namesake’s Spiritual Discovery.

The Namesake is one of those independent flicks that have a spiritual and familial message leaving a sense of depth within your soul. It was directed by Mira Nair and based on the novel by Jhumpa Lahiri. You’ll feel good and want to know about your past. The movie spans a three-decade time span focused on an Indian family from the parent’s initial meeting at their arranged marriage to the growth on their eldest son’s (Kal Penn) distaste for his birth name, Gogol, as the rift between the two cultural generations becomes more noticeable. We see different stages of his life that ends with him accepting his heritage. What’s most pleasing is that cultural perspective of both sides are represented within the locations of the bright, harmonious India in the 70s to the yuppie 80s New York to the cold, feeble side of middle America. Many of the early scenes of the movie have more sentimentality as they are explored more towards the end of the film. As you watch this movie, you can’t help but relate to Googal if you were born  as a first generation immigrant from any culture) This is a wonderful film that provides a message that the answers are in your family.

My Rating: B+


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