The Resurgence Of The Melrose Place Connection.

In the 90s, Aaron Spelling’s Melrose Place was the juiciest, guilty-pleasure show on television focused on the relationships of twenty-something-year olds living in a complex.  The show gained a cult following with it’s juicy plotlines of backstabbing, sex, cat fights, and beautiful people. I wanted to watch the show badly, but felt guilty even to take a glimpse. But with retrospect, the show is outdated with cheesiness as it shows it is a product of the 90s. Luckily, some of the main cast have re-emerged in recent years in more juicier drama shows and looking better in their 40s-50s than they ever did in their youths. Talk about aging REALLY well. A few have gone to raise hell in recent television shows:

Crazy “psycho bitch” doctor and open gay neighbor relocated to Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives as Marcia Cross became the perfect, yet anal suburban housewife while Doug Savant is the hot DILF raising a pair of delinquent children. Grant Show was the resident hunk that everyone wanted to screw, but became the closeted celebrity in Dirt! and later appeared in Private Practice. Daphne Zuniga was the tough bitch in town, but became the recent manipulative shrew as the estranged mother of Brooke in One Tree Hill. Courtney Thorne-Smith played the good girl and later became the funny housewife in According to Jim while other good girl, Josie Bisset, recently appeared in the Secret Life Of The American Teenager.

Other additions like Kelly Rutherford is now the maternal socialite of the Upper East Siders in Gossip Girl, Lisa Rinna gained the hosting position in SoapNet’s Soap Talk after appearing in Dancing With The Stars, and Rob Estes became the hot principal in the new 90210 series. And of course, Heather Locklear is everywhere, especially in the tabloids discussing her love life with Richie Sambora and former Melrose Place alum, Jack Wagner (currently in The Bold and The Beautiful). And we already know the careers of Alyssa Milano (Charmed) and Kristen Davis (Sex in the City fame), but where are Laura Leighton, Andrew Shue, and Thomas Calabro hiding? And now, with talks of a revival of a Melrose Place spin-off, what could be next for the franchise? Here’s hoping the best for these alums.

Recent Photos of Cross, Show, Rutherford, Locklear, Savant, and Zuniga:


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