Can 40-Year-Old Virgin Be Any Funnier?

Has there ever been a comedy so fricken funny, that you constantly reference the jokes over and over again? Well, that happens to me whenever I think of Steve Carrell in 40-Year-Old Virgin. I can’t stop thinking about it because director Judd Apatow made a classic comedy that made Steve Carrell a star. Even though Apatow tends to make overly excessive long movies with a 2+hour time span, every minute of this 2005 flick: “the woman and horse” joke, the poker game “revelation” scene, the “me llamo with Michael McDonald” joke, the drunken “french toast” scene, the speed dating scene, and even the Aquarius musical scene at the end of the film. The supporting cast provides more comedy as Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, Jane Lynch, and Romany Malco provide more awkward funny moments in conjunction with Carrell. I laughed with tears the first time watching this movie and after repeated multiple viewings, I make 40-Year-Old Virgin my personal favorite in the funniest movie ever made. So if you haven’t seen 40-Year-Old Virgin yet, go watch it NOW!


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