Three Prominent Satorial Athletes…

There aren’t many athletes out there with a sartorial instinct. But these men, whether experimental or overrated, know how to dress very well:

David Beckham: He is THE definition of Metrosexuality. He has more hairstyles than any woman imaginable, a killer body on and off the field, and all the lavishing designer clothes that set the trends worldwide. Men all over the world look up to Beckham for inspiration. He grooms better than his wife and her nickname is fricken’ Posh. Critics say he is overrated and over-hyped, but there’s every good reason he should be.
stylish and lavishing clothes that drape over his body, he looks good on the field and off the field.

Tom Brady: Mr. Brady has conquered the Superbowl three times in this recent decade. And after that, he has married Gisele Bundchen and gained himself a celebrity iconography on and off the court. I’m a Junipero Serra High alum like him, so I feel very connected to this stylish man. Unlike most quarterbacks, Tom Brady knows how to mix traditional Americana pieces with a European flavor. Still high fashion, but very much rooted in a down-to-earth vibe. In many ways, he evokes a Kennedy style.

Cristiano Renaldo: The Portuguese footballer is very stylish when he’s not kicking balls around. I like his simple attire that goes relaxed and inconspicuous, yet model-esque and European. He wears the clothes, not the other way around as it is perfect tailoring/fitting. If he wasn’t a footballer, he’d be a model.


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