January Comic Reviews

The month of January is not even finished, and yet I already bought all the comics I wanted for this month. After this month, I’ll probably only pick up one or two comic books a month to rid the habit, but I’ll review anything I buy on trade paperback. So here’s 10 comics that spiced up January:

Dark Avengers: So how does Writer Brian Michael Bendis mess with the Avenger? Well, for starters, he introduces an Avengers team made entirely of criminals hijacking some beloved icons. I really liked the first issue as it sets up Norman Osborn’s plans after Secret Invasion, and it is monumental. The team is waiting to explode with members like Venom, Moon stone, Daken, the Sentry, Ares, and Captain Marvel as their first battle begins with a prominent villainous witch. Bendis usually has a problem with decompressed storytelling, but makes effortless strides in Dark Avengers. It does help to have the talented artist, Mike Deodato as he provides great hyper realistic art.  5/5

Avengers: Reqiuem: A great one-shot that deals with the death of a founding member of the Avengers, the Wasp. It’s a short tale of Hank Pym taking a new lease on life with a new superhero role weaved into some important issues/flashbacks of Hank’s relationships with the Wasp. We get her first appearance and the issue where Henry slaps the Wasp. A great issue that leads into the Mighty Avengers storyline. 4/5

Mighty Avengers 21: In this double-sized issue, we see the world in a global catastrophe as the Scarlet Witch returns to assemble the Avengers (which includes Hercules, U.S. Agent, Vision, Stature, Jocasta, and Henry Pym). It’s a great issue for a setup, but I feel the issue was average. The art is messy and the dialogue seems forced. Still, we get to see updates on the Young Avengers. 3/5

New Avengers 48: Amidst the ashes of Secret Invasion, a new Avengers team is formed with the new Captain America, Bucky, as leader. An interesting dynamic as Ms. Marvel, Luke, Jessica, Spiderwoman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Ronin, Mockingbird, and Iron Fist are present to help find Luke’s baby. The flagship title for the company is reinvigorated even with a shocking betrayal. 4/5

War of Kings Saga: this is a free comic book that updates the readers on a certain event happening and all of their histories. This is an excellent way to bring new readers in so I approve, especially since I’m unaware of the cosmic tales and the new event focusing on the battle between Shi’ar Emperor Vulcan and Inhumans leader, Black Bolt. Kudos! 4/5

Magneto: Testament 4: In the penultimate issue, there’s more shocks and atrocities as Max witnesses them in Auschwitz. Max hope fades as he commits a sin. Max doesn’t look like Magneto, but a great tale about the Holocaust with the last issue tying up everything.  5/5

X-Men Legacy 220: In the new arc Salvage, Xavier finds Gambit to retrieve Rogue, who is finding a means to find peace within her. Rogue finds Danger who’s out for revenge against Xavier. Great arc that will tie up more loose ends with the entire series and even Joss Whedon‘s arc.. The art is serviceable, but  not like before what it once was. 3/5

Uncanny X-Men Annual 2: A fantastic one-shot on to the White Queen as writer Matt Fraction explores her relationships with Namor, Sebastian Shaw, and a distant Cyclops. Her vendetta is settled and she becomes more than Scott’s girlfriend in the final page. The White Queen is back. 5/5

House of M: Civil War 5: A great finish until the last pages revealing that Magneto is the father of Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, and Polaris. I thought we knew that but apparently we don’t as Magneto gains shallow losses. The battles were great but the end was a failure. 2/5

Thor 12: I never read previous issues, but I must say this is a really good series. Thor has good introspective look into Thor’s enemy, Loki, as he travels back in time to plan his big scheme for the takeover of Asgard. Loki’s completely malicious and this issue focuses on his evil. I’m looking forward to Thor 600 as this is great Shakespearean drama amongst Gods. 4/5


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