Brittany Murphy’s Lovely Disastrous Flick.

There are 3 three reasons why I love this film: Audrey references. Chic London. Positive Gay Portrayals.

And really, what’s not to love when Brittany Murphy stars as a British Vogue assistant who has a few love entanglements amongst her love-stricken friends. Ok, it’s a very predictable romantic comedy, but it has so much charm and wit. For example, Murphy’s character can’t find love but it’s right under her nose in the form of Heroes star, Santiago Cabrera. He’s fricken hot, but Brittany is aloof as she mistakes his sexual orientation even though he starts to fall in love with her. Very sweet. And then there’s Murphy’s gay best friend (Brothers and Sisters star Matthew Ryhs) who is a romantic idealist and wants to find the perfect love, but can’t. His portrayal was praised at the BFI (British Film Institute) 22nd London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 2008. And of course, there’s the occasional mockery of romantic comedies which succeeds in many ways like the conventional happy ending and the elimination of positive gay portrayals. And I must say I love this film with all of its Audrey Hepburn references. The movie constantly plays “Moon River” and the characters watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s as inspiration. I was shocked to see Ms. Murphy play a good model based on Ms. Hepburn: 60s Mod Glam Attire, the petite little black dress, the refined urban socialite, the fashionable clothes, the ultra-skinny physique, and the lovely brunette hair. So yes, watch this movie if you’re up for a romantic comedy. It’s gay friendly.

My Rating: B-


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