Do You Like To Groom And All That Good Stuff?

In the latest edition February ‘09 edition of GQ magazine, Style Guy Glenn O’Brien advised that

“A man should always be well-dressed except when he’s nude. One should dress for oneself, primarily, and not for others. It is a gift to others but an art and a discipline for ourselves.”

Very true. The Style Guy spoke words that should ring true for everyone, especially men. But it should also apply to your body because you always want to look presentable when the time comes. Men forget that grooming is an essential part of a man’s lifestyle as it should be maintained as much as possible. Besides a lack of hygiene, lack of grooming is another turnoff. Here’s some wonderful insights on grooming that I apply:

  1. I like to get a haircut every 30 days or less because there’s no better way to feel confident or sexy with a new short hairdo. Thank You, Eddie!
  2. Since the 6th grade, I’ve put on gel in fear of my natural hair. But since that was a phase that ended a few years ago, I noticed that no hair products have a great natural look that compliments my face. So yes, no hair products.
  3. I use to think long hair would be versatile and sexy. I was wrong because I also looked very uncouth especially with a ponytail. Short hairstyles are a lot more versatile and you will look cleaner.
  4. Facial hair is great, but I like to shave everyday. I feel vibrant and invigorated as 2 years are off.
  5. Picking a good cologne will give you that signature smell and hide any discrepancies. Just don’t overpower yourself.
  6. Shower please.
  7. Trim below to look pleasant and you’ll feel something pleasant.
  8. A person who doesn’t wash their face daily is really disgusting. Pimples are a travesty.

And here’s some fond words from GQ’s “6 New American Designers’ Philosophies” on style. These quotes stuck in my head for no apparent reason:

Designer David Mullen of Save Khaki said:
Something really comfortable with a modern fit. I think clothes should have utility, and if they happen to be stylish, then that’s great.

Designer Robert Geller said:
Prague has a culture where the men are masculine but still sensitive. It’s a mixture of romance and strength.

Desginer Sam Snipley of Shirley and Halmos said:
Everyman should own a clean white dress shirt. You can wear it with anything, at any time.


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