Thank You, Paul Newman.

In memorium to actor screen legend Paul Newman, GQ Magazine gave a tribute to Paul Newman and his effortless style with the best form of flattery: imitation. Actor Sebastian Stan does a fine job imitating some of Paul Newman’s chic looks. They also have an uncanny appearance to each other: dazzling blue eyes, chiseled bone structure, impeccable physique. Here’s a good comparison on three of their photos with the style tips. Nothing beats the classics.

Newman and Stan have

that classic rebel mixed

with preppy casual.

No one beats looking

good  ruggedly shirtless

like Paul did.

That impeccable suit

looks great with a

white oxford shirt.

GQ’s “Newman Style Tips:

  1. Dark And Handsome: A narrow tie, loosened at the neck, instantly makes any dark suit less formal.
  2. Going Soft On ‘Em: Not all your v-necks need be black, gray, or navy blue. Hit a different- yet still classic- beat with a softer shade, like powder blue.
  3. In The Trenches: A fitted trench coat, worn with the right amount of amount, is an uniform in itself.
  4. The Long And The Short: A little confidence-okay, a lot of confidence- is all it takes to pull off a golf jacket, trouser cut shorts, and loafers.
  5. A Simple Plan: When a suit fits this well, you don’t need a belt or a tie, just a white oxford (And if you happen to have icy blue eyes and a strong jaw, those don’t hurt, either).
  6. The Western Way: The masculine ease of a western shirt works in the city or country. Even without the ten-gallon hat.

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