A New Year With Exciting New Beginnings.

The Spring school semester for San Francisco State University started just two days ago, and I’m very excited. For example, this semester I’m writing for the school magazine. After all the long semesters doing newswriting and reporting, I’m finally going to be writing something officially published. How exciting! I have a plethora of story pitches and I really get to show everyone what I have to offer (well, besides this blog, of course). And my other classes seem pretty fun (Literary Journalism, Visual Storytelling, Film History). Not too strenuous and I get to study photography, descriptive writing, and cinema! I will be high on coffee every Monday and Thursday morning! =)

And as a note, I finished a few of my New Year resolutions; finished all the Audrey Hepburn films, finished my memoirs, updated this blog extensively for the month of January, rid the comic book habit (sort of), and still continuing the workout plan with a few new add-ons. I’m even amping up my style. A great year so far. =)


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