Heroes: I Can’t Continue…

During its first season, Heroes was a titanic success. I mean, why wouldn’t it be with a premise that revolves around people born with extraordinary powers and how they deal with them in real life. The show created a surmountable amount of interesting characters: from the indestructible cheerleader to the drug induced psychic and the power leeching nurse and the teleporting Japanese cubicle worker. The first season was awe-inspiring, but then the seasons thereafter floundered with mediocrity. Too many characters. Seriously dramatic overacting. Confusing storylines. Unused potential for some characters. Stale character development for others. And with the finale of the third volume (or the first part of season 3), the show had some promise but quickly degenerated to below average. It had its moments (like Hiro’s interaction with his mother or the entirety of the season 3 premiere), but the show is plagued by its faults. I’m looking at you Milo and Hayden! What is the purpose of having dull characters like Mohinder and Matt? And Ali Larter! Didn’t her character die last season? We’re now to believe that her original character were clones and there was triplets. It was bad enough to have a schizophrenic stripping mother, but to add on twin clones is pushing the believability.

I hate to say it, but I give up on Heroes. I don’t care for the characters and their confusing story arcs. I’ve heard that originally each season would focus on a different set of super beings. It would alternate the cast and show a variety of characters that actually inhabit the world. That seems like a better choice, considering what happened after the first season. The new storyline for the upcoming fourth volume is about one of the heroes, Nathan, become the traitor as he gets the government to hunt down his friends. This sound promising with maybe luring in new fans starting from scratch, but I just can not dedicate my time to show that’s half-a$#ing the whole time. The show had its peak during the first season, but faltered through the years never really gaining its momentum. Sorry my fellow Heroes, but I’m gonna exit now.

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