Comic Review: Thor Hits The Hex-Centennial Mark.

It’s very surprising to see a comic book hit 600! But the God of Thunder did and the readers are blessed with a massive story with epic portions. I must note that besides last month’s issue, I never bought a Thor issue. The character never really clicked with me. But with that issue and the current issue, I begin to see the Shakespearean drama amongst gods. Their mannerisms and dialogue is eloquent. And with Loki, so devious and cunning. And we finally get to see Loki’s plan come to fruition as he resurrects Odin’s father and initiates a battle against Thor under deceptive ways. The ending is shocking as Thor calls for help but gets the Dark Avengers. Thor is then banished from Asgard for killing his grandfather and Loki sets up another twist as she plans to migrates all the gods to Doctor Doom’s country of Latveria. I enjoyed Writer J. Michael Straczynski’s writing but the Dark Avengers’ appearance was forced. If Thor is doing an Avengers call, I would think more classic Avengers would heed to his cry. The art from Oliver Copiel is very crisp and compliments the story. And with the main story, we get a much needed bonus! 49 pages that is! Stan lee provides a nice classic tale with an additional light-hearted story about Thor by Chris Giarrusso. The last pages are 25 pages of reprints from the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Age and a cover gallery of all 600 issues. In total, we have a spectacular 91 pages for an anniversary issue for $4.99. It’s well worth the price tag considering most comics with 22 pages are $3.99. Again, the 600th issue packs a dozen punches with quality work. I won’t buy the next issue, but very good nonetheless.

My Rating: A+


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