Interview Magazine’s Delightful Elizabeth Taylor Tribute.

Two years ago, I came across one of the most spectacular magazines I’ve ever seen. It was a special edition of Interview Magazine with a whole issue dedicated to the great Dame Elizabeth Taylor. I came across that issue a few times that month of February, but I never bought the issue. I wish I did because it was too fantastic. Luckily, I found a buyer online willing to sell it for $20, and I must say it was worth every penny. It’s a fantastic issue that showcases the legend of Miss Taylor.

And the Interview magazine special is the best tribute to the living legend. Many of today’s celebrities ask her deep and funny questions (Madonna asks what‘s her vision of God) while Abercrombie and Fitch provide an 8-page spread dedicating her two loves: half-naked men and animals. The top designers of today recreate her iconic attires from Cleopatra to A Place in the Sun while a special guest, Photographer Bruce Weber, recounts his obsession over the actress. There’s a portfolio that showcases Taylor’s relationship with Richard Burton with memorable quotes, while many jewelry companies tank Miss Taylor through advertisements. But the most satisfying feature is the epic 6-part Interview with Elizabeth Taylor herself. It’s very intimate as she gives her whole career an insight. My favorite part was her defense for the LGBT community. She has so much compassion and there’s no doubt that she’s a gay icon.  Elizabeth Taylor has so many faces: thespian, humanitarian, business woman, lover, fighter. But above all, she is human and the Interview Magazine shows all of Miss Taylor’s facets.


2 Responses to Interview Magazine’s Delightful Elizabeth Taylor Tribute.

  1. patrick says:

    i would like to purchase this issieu too where can i find it??

    • Chris Huqueriza says:

      Hey Patrick. Unfortunately this issue is an out-stock back issue, but you could find copies for cheap on Amazon and Ebay. =)

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