We Need Some GG Soon!

Gossip Girl will be on hiatus for a month! Well, It’s been over a month expected to return on March 16. This is very irritating for any Gossip Girl fanatic. We need some juiciness, and soon! But when GG returns, expect it with a vengeance like last year’s finale. For a retrospective recap right after the writer‘s strike ended, we were treated to a bevy of drama last season: Blair was dethroned as Queen Bee with her suitors, Chuck and Nate, on unspeaking terms as Jenny Humphrey spins on a social power trip as she butt heads with her father. And we have the extra spice of crazy Georgina spilling all of Serena’s secrets that will ruin her relationship with Dan as the wedding of Lily Van Der Woodsen and Bart Bass commences. Very juicy indeed. My favorite episode thus far has been the “All About My Brother” episode where all the characters’ issues collided. Blair and Jenny finally butt heads with the Little Jay’s eventual downfall as her boyfriend’s gay secret was revealed. On the same arena, Serena’s brother is outed as the boyfriend of Little Jay’s man while Georgina causes friction in the Serena/Dan pair with a shocker: Serena killed a man! What? Too good. This year will hopefully top that episode. So What’s next? Well, we have Dan and his sexual affair with the teacher with an additional return of some favorites: Carter Baizen (Leighton Meester’s real boyfriend, Sebastian Stan) and Georgina Sparks (supposedly to rescue Serena from a scandal). On the family side, Chuck Bass is a brewing a family scandal while Rufus and Lily’s love child will resurface. Can’t wait. You know you love them! =)


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