Grace Kelly: Hitchcock’s Ultimate Blonde

Grace Kelly grew up living a fairy tale lifestyle. From her upbringing as a New England socialite to her legendary work as an actress to her magical marriage to Prince Rainer, there never has been an actress like Ms. Kelly. Her filmography only consists of 11 films, but many are well-known and memorable. One of her first films, High Noon, is a Western classic while her role in The Bridges of Tokyo-Ri and Mogambo proved to be sequential parts to the epic movies. Kelly won her her Oscar in The Country Girl while her final films, High Society and The Swan, leave the indelible mark of a princess. But within her entire film career, audiences will always remember Miss Kelly through her works with the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. With only three films, Grace Kelly epitomized Hitchcock’s ultimate cool blonde. The blonde in which they were perfection and glamour visually, but carried the flaws of mischief, obsession, neurosis, and infidelity. Other actresses have personified Hitchcock’s cool blonde persona like Tippi Hedren, Kim Novak, and Vivien Leigh, but none have matched the iconography like Grace Kelly. So forget the rest, and focus on the best:

Dial M for Murder (1954):

In Grace Kelly’s first collaboration with Hitchcock, she plays the perfect wife until the audience learns she having an affair in which her husband plans to eliminate her permanently. The plot is the most fun as we anxiously wait for the killer’s reveal. Unfortunately, Kelly is sidelined in a great movie, but stands with poise and confidence nonetheless.

Rear Window (1954):

Many viewers can’t help but look at Grace Kelly as she plays the girlfriend of crippled James Stewart. We are confined to his apartment, and possibly question if there is a murder across the hall. Is it in our heads? Well, send the mischievous Grace Kelly as she dazzles the screen with her attire and her gracious poise, and her woman’s intuition.

To Catch A Thief (1955):

Grace Kelly is finally paired with Cary Grant, and the sparks fly as the couple travel the French Riviera to find the burglar. The landscape is beautiful as the two fall in love and their interaction is the stuff of legend as the audience receives witty chemistry from the two most beautiful people in cinematic history. Kelly’s last pairing with Alfred Hitchcock proves to be a classic.


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