The Wondercon Event Is A Treat For San Franciscans.

This Weekend was the annual celebration of comics for San Francisco: Wondercon! With fanatics wearing their favorite superhero attire and surprise celebrities guests promoting their latest projects, San Francisco was booming with imagination. I went last year and this year was far superior. I went on Saturday with a friend for a $12 admission, but it was very much worth it to see a preview of the Watchmen movie. The Watchmen panel consisted of Director Zack Snyder, Comic Book Artist Dave Gibbons, and a few of his cast members presented a 30-minute preview of the movie. Very exciting as it has death scene, alternate history montage, and an origin flashback. The panel was very informative with funny comments. One of the comments was the eagerness of Actor Tom Cruise to be in the Watchmen project. The panel ended with a praise from a representative from the deaf community  praising its graphic visual images.

After the panel, another more previews came. Here’s the rundown:

Knowing: It’s a Nicholas Cage film with a cliché plot about numbers predicting catastrophes. Normally, I wouldn’t go for this movie genre (it‘s better to watch on DVD), but the previews were too graphic that it merited some attention.

Astroboy: I’ve been wanting to see the film adaptation of Astroboy since it’s a cultural phenomenon. The preview was interesting and might be the second CGI animated film I’ll watch since The Incredibles in 2004. But my hopes were a little down when it felt like I was watching a small clip from a Playstation games. I’ll still check it out.

Pandorum: a sci-fi film starring Ben Foster (from X-Men 3) about space horrors. It’s typical fare that I’ not interested in. I can’t even remember the plot. But Ben Foster was there looking very cute.

My next venture was supposed to be the preview for J.J. Abrams Star Trek, but I had to leave for other errands. I bought my comics and took the BART home. Great day and worth checking out next year.

Some Pictures:

Video Coverage:

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes a funny comment about his favorite scene.

Actress Malin Akerman comments on her role.

An adoring deaf fan praises the film for it’s visual storytelling.


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