Make Me A Supermodel Is Back!

A couple of years back, I was obsessed with anything modeling. I will admit that I desperately wanted to be a model. I would research endlessly to perfect my style, grooming, masculine runaway walk, and photo-shoots. The best research came from modeling shows like America’s Next Top Model, Manhunt, the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Make Me A Supermodel, and runway clips from the Style Network. Online gave a lot amount of research too with websites like, which gave model portfolios and I learned a lot from the greats: Tyson Beckford, Marcus Schenkenberg, Janice Dickinson, Adriana Lima, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell. The female models had a lot of good advice for all models. Very amateurish, I know.

So it was very nostalgic to hear that the season 2 premiere of Tyson Beckford’s Make Me A Supermodel aired on Wednesday (the first season was in January 2008). This was probably my favorite show because they had the funniest clip (scroll below), the best modeling tips, and a really good-looking set of actual potential supermodels. Season 2 seems to be with a good start has they have an interesting cast of Adonis-like models with a lot of potential for talent (and unfortunately drama). I mean, I’m watching it for Tyson’s advice alone. The eye-candy is also helping out, too. So I will continue to my new guilty pleasure, but I’m rooting for the guys because they have more appeal. =)

The Bravo Channel, Wednesdays, 10 p.m.

The Soup comments on the highlight of Make Me A Supermodel.

And here’s the link to the unedited version of the clip: link here.


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